Digital Information Design is coming!

Data is constantly coming into and being generated by your business. It can seem overwhelming. What information does your business really need? How can it capitalize on the data it already has?

At the heart of the Digital Information Design (DID™) guidance is a simple, powerful model that enables businesses to see how it’s data impacts, affects and is used in different parts of the business. DID can help optimize your data usage – so you can make data driven decisions, faster.

Van Haren Publishing are releasing the best practice guidance ‘Digital Information Design Foundation’ this month. This will be followed by APMG’s DID Foundation Training and Certification to help companies use this best practice and improve their information management.

The Digital Information Design Guidance & Certification will help you:

  • Gain visibility over your data and its impact on your business
  • Ensure that all the information needed by your business is accurate, easily accessible and processed correctly
  • Offer guidance for governing, managing and running your business information services and design systems. Therefore improving:
    • The reliability of data stores
    • Productivity and the speed in which decisions can be made, as the data will be easily accessible and in a usable form
  • Provide a model for digital transformation.

DID can be used in combination with existing frameworks the business is using (for example COBIT®, ITIL® and TOGAF®).

If you want to be informed when the DID Guidance and Certification becomes available join our community on

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