Putting Information Management on the IT Service Management landscape

The not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation is forming a Leading Coalition for Information Management (IM Coalition) to help put IM on the IT Service Management landscape. The first organizations to join the coalition are itSMF USA, APMG-International, Capgemini Academy Netherlands, Quint Wellington Redwood, Van Haren Publishing and GamingWorks.

Why are we doing this?
The ASL BiSL Foundation and partners in the leading coalition are concerned about:
– The explosive growth in the use, importance of and dependency upon information within organizations and the poor ability of organizations to manage this changing role of IT.
– The challenges that IT Executives are currently facing, information and the related systems for exploiting information are becoming strategic assets for organizations, as such ITSM and the management of information are becoming strategic capabilities.
– The poor ability to execute these capabilities. Organizations are adopting best practice frameworks to bring these issues under control but do not reach easily the value that they hoped for.
– The Business Information Service Library, BiSL®, is a framework that specifically helps focus on and address Information Management capabilities. The IM Coalition wants to help organizations to adopt and apply the BiSL framework in an effective way. Now is the time for organizations to resolve these issues.

The ASL BiSL Foundation Managing director Lucille van der Hagen: ”BiSL is common practice in The Netherlands for professionalizing the demand-side of IT. Awareness and recognition of this framework and best practices is growing fast around the globe. The IM Coalition will help organizations to profit from experiences in applying BiSL to improve the value of IT within their organizations.”

Van Haren Publishing is the official publisher for BiSL. CEO Ivo van Haren: “I’ve seen BiSL develop and gain followers internationally since its first development in The Netherlands. Now the BiSL framework is becoming ever more known throughout the world. The IM Coalition will allow organizations to benefit from this framework and share best practices.”

BiSL® - A Framework for Business Information Management – 2nd edition
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BiSL® – A Framework for Business Information Management – 2nd edition – € 39,95

The ASL BiSL Foundation has started this initiative with an aim to:
– Promote BiSL as a framework that can help solve these Information Management issues and drive business value using Information Technology and Information Systems.
– Help prevent organizations from making the mistake to go for the certificate, rather than ask themselves what they can do with it.
– Help prevent organizations from trying to „implement‟ BiSL. „BiSL becomes the objective rather than what it can achieve‟.
– Gather and share best practices for adopting and deploying BiSL to achieve demonstrable results.
– Provide a forum for Information Management best practices, helping speed up and improve the quality and capabilities of Information Management within organizations.
– Help support training and consulting organizations by providing best practices and approaches they can incorporate in their offerings.
– Provide continual feedback on critical success and fail factors for academic and research organizations.

The coalition will organize a series of global roadshow events, presenting the trends and key issues in the market including critical success and fail factors. Simulation workshops and courses will let people see, feel and experience these issues and discover how BiSL can be used to help solve these issues and align business and IT. People will get hands-on experience in using BiSL as an assessment instrument, a dialogue instrument and an improvement instrument. The participants will be able to discuss and share experiences. Industry experts and practitioners will share their experiences, giving insights and practical tips. People will gain insight into the latest publications and guidance regarding adoption of BiSL (training and consultants), supported by the certification and accreditation scheme.

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