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The Open Footprint™ Forum

June 9, 2021 @ 12:00 am

The Open Footprint™ Forum will create a common model for footprint-related data covering all types of emissions, consumptions (e.g., water, land, energy), and base calculations to normalize and aggregate data.

Reliable tracking of environmental footprint data is a global concern for corporations, governments, and consumers.

Accurate data on emissions, material, and energy consumption is essential for mandatory compliance reporting and meeting transparency demands. It is also key in taking action to avoid, reduce, and offset emissions.

Organizations today face many significant challenges when it comes to managing their environmental footprints, including:

• Increasing requirements for reliable environmental disclosure to customers, regulators, and society
• Consistency in data measurement, compatibility, and interoperability throughout supply chains
• A lack of standards for recording and processing environmental footprint data

What is the Open Footprint™ Forum?

Currently, the lack of standards for storing, defining, and accessing Green House Gases (GHG) scope data, including CO2 and carbon, has major business implications. For example, in a supply chain with multiple participating companies, when the recipient of the supply chain wants to calculate the total carbon footprint of an end product, it is virtually impossible since each supply chain participant has stored data using its own standards. Without the Open Footprint Forum, organizations would resort to acquiring or building incompatible and expensive custom solutions that don’t interoperate throughout their supply chains. Having individual standards is wasteful. The supply chain is just one example; however, there are several other examples where it makes no business sense to have individual standards for GHG data.

The Open Footprint™ Forum provides an environment for access to one set of standards across ALL INDUSTRIES. (Spanning all industries is very important to the supply chain.) For that, we deliver:

• A flexible data platform
• A set of data definitions
• A set of metadata definitions
• An API (Application Program Interface) to access the data

Having implemented a copy of the Open Footprint Data Platform, each company will use the same definitions, which means the carbon values can be added together. No time or money is wasted, plus we can focus our time and effort on applications that make use of the data. This creates business value, where we can really differentiate and innovate.

The Open Footprint initiative is more than a set of standards. It is also:

• Reference Architecture
• Open Source-based Reference Implementation

The Forum will deliver a near real-time implementation that companies can implement in their own environment (Cloud/On-Premise), resulting in a fully operational setup.

The Open Footprint Forum’s first deliverable is Minimal Viable Product One (MVP1). MVP1 will cover Green House Gasses Scope 1 and Scope 2; the Open Footprint Data Platform; the Open Footprint Reference Architecture; and the Open Source Reference Implementation.

After MVP1, the Forum will begin work on MVP2, focusing on GHG Scope 3 and support for Calculations. Once the Forum has addressed GHG, we will then focus on non-GHG, such as Water, Landfill, etc.

In parallel, the Open Footprint Forum is in contact with various reporting bodies (such as SASB, WEF, GRI, etc.) to explore how we can better align our standards with their reporting standards. In addition, we are connecting with WBCSD to understand how we can work together.

Open Footprint™ Forum

The Open Footprint Forum welcomes all persons interested in joining the Forum, including but not limited to Business, Sustainability, and IT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). For more information, please contact Heidi Karlsson, Director, Open Footprint Forum via the forum website.



June 9, 2021
12:00 am